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سازمان شورای اتحاد ملی کرمانشاه ایلام و لرستان

۱۳۹۲ فروردین ۹, جمعه

Turkey on the way to making genocide against Kurds in Turkey.

Turkey on the way to making genocide against Kurds in Turkey.
The Turks are planning to
ready to do genocide against Kurds in Turkey. because the Turkish regime tries to approach to all countries, especially the European and United States to silence them if Turkey would make genocide against Kurds in Turkey.

Therefore, the Turks are doing to obtain good relations with various countries on the diplomatic way now the Kurds must be conscious that the Turks think never at peace has never made any changes in this country, still living strong racist views against the Armenians and Kurds and other various nationalities living in Turkey. Unfortunately, today you can buy and sell human rights because the 30 million Kurds living in Turkey without having the correct read and write in their mother language or make Kurdish traditional festival newroz Kurdish new year's Eve and day, other traditional Kurdish Turks have exterminated dozens of Kurdish villages in Turkey many Kurds live without House and home in Turkey, I think that the European countries should put great pressure on the Turks, Turks and require to comply with the EU's processes for human rights and democracy, especially ethnic rights. Unfortunately, in Iran the Iranian regime executes each month a Kurdish young or captures all Kurdish journalists just sit many Kurdish activists and journalists in the Iranian regime's jail as kurdpour and adnan hassanpour and many others, unfortunately, the Kurds are living today in this modern time under torture and violations of the occupying countries, iran, Turkey, Syria and part of Iraq, but in Iraq the Kurds rather better today than before thanks to the United States that exempt the Kurds in 1991 we all Kurds thank Bush's family and the entire American people, therefore, have helped the Kurds in Iraq. the Iranian regime elements in the krudiska area of drugs in iran it is called as white Anfal against Kurds in iran who live more than 20 million Kurds in iran.
with greetings samuel kermashani

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