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سازمان شورای اتحاد ملی کرمانشاه ایلام و لرستان

۱۳۹۱ اسفند ۲۲, سه‌شنبه

I do not understand why people who come from the Middle East lie so easily without steams itself

I do not understand why people who come from the Middle East lie so easily without steams itself

Hello to all of you good people who enjoy rights and transparency. I don't get why some of the people would live with lies and fake, we know that we would not speak to the audience their private things, but when people talk about freedom and democracy, to interfere as political people there should be openness in front of their nation, some people call themselves Kermanshahs represent in European countries, but it is just a lie and I find them living with the untruth imagination one day those calls himself a professor without rating he has just been in school in iran for five years, he read to the fifth class and right now he calls himself a professor, but he is just lying, he calls himself kermanshahs people's representative in Europe, he's just lying h kalar itself kermanshahs representative without kermanshahs people know who them is really them saying to them is the kermanshahs representative in Europe of the principle ones are not from kermanshahs them lived at a village boundary between iran and Iraq called zahab then when started the war between iran and Iraq they fled from iran to Iraq, then lived in a fight in Iraq near the Jordanian border, who called al tash, a refugee situation is located 8 kilometres outside al romadi everyone who lived on this fight was 90% of them were literate rural areas has not been to school in iran 95% of them lived in the villages between iran and Iraq and he thinks anyone living in kermanshah are the same as those lived in al tash fight and it's a total misstatement in mind because we know in kermanshah there are over 25,000 just psychology trained and we have in kermanshah over 12000 professors who are perfect in history ¨ we also have more than 15000 have trained as anthropology, we have more than 8000 people trained as geology in kermanshah, we have more than 7,000 physicians and more than 4,000 special doctors who are very skilled in kermanshah , we have many people who have high education in kermanshah.
But right now to tell you about people how alive people in kermanshah, kermanshah live different with people of different religions, Yarsanian, Muslims, Christians, Jews also kermanshah city is closer to 2 million people there are in Kermanshah Province paveh, jawanrod, rawansar, taze abad, kozaran, dalaho, shahabad, sarpol zahab shaneh, beseton, ghasereh shrin, and many little towns to throughout Kermanshah Province are living more than 7 or 8 million people, I myself am born in kermanshah and know exactly how people think in kermanshah also how people think. In kermanshah people speak very beautiful dialect called goran dialect.
Unfortunately, there are many that prove to them is political, but those go to Iranian Embassy in Europe, even this man that I'm talking about usually go to kurdistan and stays there for several months without having any problem he is a suspicious people when I look at his letters he may be Iranian agents.
Kermanshah is a very old town and there are a great many historical things and the district as taghe bostan, beston and many other ghasereh shrin.
One of those people who are well known to us as a psychopath also a sociopath, one day he is Communist another day he becomes wehabi Islamic fundamentalism, another day he become a Democrat, but in principle he is nothing, he goes around to the people and says he has been in the universities in Sweden, but he just lying to people he wrote on his facebook page that he will very good English and Swedishbut we have never seen his letter sometime in English or in Swedish.
He is well known to people who are fake and a phony man suffering from strong hypocrisy, he of a Communist is Communist and of an Islamists are Islamic, and of the Democrats will be Democrat without knowing what democracy means and what democracy is how to learn about democracy, he and those three people that work with him using the word democracy without reading about democracy, I think this man is suffering from strong bode was his unmatched Mythomania, I myself have psychological trained I have seen him ag think he is a worst psychopathy man he is lying all the time for people.
with greetings samuel kermashani

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