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سازمان شورای اتحاد ملی کرمانشاه ایلام و لرستان

۱۳۹۱ اسفند ۲۱, دوشنبه

George w. bush told the Iraqi dictatorship by some days have a great message and a welcome message to the Iraqi nation, we will soon liberate Iraqi people from dictatorship,

George w bush a few days ago said we would attack the Iraqi dictatorship of saddam, start of 16 March 2003, but Bush's dad said no not now, we must wait until the Kurdish newroz celebration day we'll give a welcome news to the Iraqi nation especially Kurdish people, we are attacking the dictatorship on the Kurds ' newroz exculpatory day between 19 and 21 March , then we're going to attack against the Iraqi dictatorship newroz day, because the Kurds have sad day on March 16.
We have to start attacking saddam between 19 and 20 March because the Kurds celebrate newroz, the Kurdish newroz new year eve and the Kurds, newroz celebration we'll give delight news to Kurds from us we know that saddam has very mistreated Kurds in Iraq, Bush's dad said we should start just when the Kurds celebrate newroz to beat their opponent on March 19.
When George w. bush began a few days before the March 19, spoke on television and Bush's principal message to saddam Hussein from Afghanistan in a military location, George w. bush said saddam Hussein must leave Iraq, saddam we not kidding with you this message from us to you, your date is over.
Then, on March 19, 2003 George w. bush sent to the Iraqi people an entirely welcome news, a quite good news for the Iraqi people, especially the Kurds who very badly treated by the Iraqi dictatorship of saddam hussein.

George w. bush told the Iraqi dictatorship by some days have a great message and a welcome message to the Iraqi nation, we will soon liberate Iraqi people from dictatorship,
When the Kurds heard bush statement all Kurdish people got so excited about Bush's telling, bush really gave a good and welcome news to the Kurds, especially for halabja's family.
We would like to thank all the Kurdish people the Bush family bush father is Kurdish father, we are also grateful to the American people with all the various political parties in the United States.
On 19 March 2003 American military attacked to attack the Iraqi dictatorship Americans took as soon as southern Iraq after a few days the Americans closer to baghdad on april 19 US military went into baghdad was taking down Saddam's symbol on May 1 took the Americans throughout Iraq dictatorship was hiding underground, December 13, 2003 -- Saddam Hussein is arrested in Tikrit.
The execution of Saddam Hussein took place on Saturday 30 December 2006. Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging, after being found guilty and.
After several rights time against the Iraqi dictatorship early 2006 Iraqi new Government executed saddam in the same place as he executed many people where dictatorship was the Iraqi people began to change and feel the freedom air and feel the fresh air.
Saddam committed genocide against the Kurds during his regime have killed more than 182000 Kurds who called anfal.
On March 16, 1988, saddam Hussein's warplanes attacked the town of halabja with Chemical gases and bombed the town of halabja killed more than 5,000 people from 2 months old until 80 years old people.
We are waiting for the same news for the Kurds in East kurdistan during the Iranian occupation soon we will hear a welcome news to free the Iranian people from the Iranian religious dictatorship like 20 times worse than the Iraqi dictatorship of saddam hussein, unfortunately, iran, Turkey and syrian have mistreated Kurds and those 4 countries committed genocide against the Kurds. with greetings samuel kermashani

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